Ancillary Resources for Faculty

Suggested Additional Resources

If you are faculty looking for additional resources to support your course delivery using this textbook, there are several options:

Image PowerPoint Banks

These accessible images banks were created from the text.  All numbered figures and tables are included.  Attribution and alt-tags are included for each image. If copying or modifying these files, be sure to maintain attribution statements and run the Accessibility checker to ensure files are still accessible.

Organic Chemistry Supplemental

Most introductory chemistry courses either contain some organic chemistry learning or are followed by a discreet organic chemistry course.  There are several organic chemistry resources available through LibreTexts.  By January 2024, we hope to release a supplemental text to our Enhanced Introductory College Chemistry text that focuses on organic chemistry and related topics.

Future Updates: Roadmap

In the next released revision, the following updates are proposed:

  • Relocation of Indigenous Perspectives and Scientists in Action examples and updated figure numbering
  • Updates to media library to reflect alt-tags and captions in chapters

Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

Please let us know if you are using this text or have questions, comments or suggestions.  Email our team at OER [at]


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