Appendix E: Polyatomic Ions

Common Polyatomic Ions

Table E.1: Common Polyatomic Ions
Name Symbol
Acetate C2H3O2
Amide NH2
Ammonium NH4+
Arsenate AsO43-
Borate BO33-
Bromate BrO3
Carbonate CO32-
Chlorate CIO3
Chlorite CIO2
Chromate CrO42-
Cyanide CN
Dichromate CrO72-
Dihydrogen phosphate H2PO42-
Hydrogen carbonate HCO3
Hydrogen oxalate HC2O4
Hydrogen phosphate HPO42-
Hydrogen sulfate (bisulfate) HSO4
Hydrogen sulfite (bisulfate) HSO3
Hydroxide OH
Hypobromite BrO
Hypochlorite CIO
Hypoiodite IO
Iodate IO3
Nitrate NO3
Nitrite NO2
Oxalate C2O42-
Perchlorate CIO4
Periodate IO4
Permanganate MnO4
Peroxide O22-
Phosphate PO43-
Phosphite PO33-
Sulfate SO42-
Sulfite SO32-
Thiocyanide SCN

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