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This Open Textbook publishing platform allows Ontario academics to create and publish open textbooks in standard formats. It’s an easy-to-use software, adopted by leading open textbook projects around the world.

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Search our collection of open textbooks. The curated collection aligns with top subject areas in post-secondary education and many of the textbooks have been reviewed and vetted by educators across the country.

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Welcome to eCampus Ontario’s Open Education publishing platform. Here you can start creating your own open textbooks, find an existing textbook you’d like to adapt, and start editing, or just find a book you’d like to assign or use in the classroom.

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Would you like to author, adapt, or adopt an open textbook? You can do all that here. In a few clicks our open education platform will easily let you create books, publish them and make them available to the student population instantly. Find out how to get involved today!

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