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This textbook is designed to be accessible using standard web browsers, mobile devices, screen readers and other assistive technology.  You can access the book in a number of formats. Requirements, tools, and suggestions for navigating and using the book are listed on this page. If you encounter any issues in accessing the book, please connect with your professor.

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Book formats

Textbook Formats, Requirements, Features & Access Options
Book Format
Features Access options
Online web book


  • Internet access
  • Web browser


  • Optimized for online access (web browser)
  • Embedded interactive and text-based activities
  • Embedded videos
  • Embedded glossary terms
Digital PDF
  • Internet access
  • PDF viewer


  • Optimized for reading with internet (PDF viewer)
  • Text-based activities
  • Clickable Links to videos and other resources
  • Glossary of terms
Print PDF


  • Optimized for printing/accessing offline
  • Text-based activities
  • Glossary of terms
  • Save to a device or drive as desired
  • Read offline on device (no active/clickable links)
  • Print chapters or whole book as needed
  • Refer back to web book to access links/interactive activities

Do you prefer a printed textbook?

This book is free to access, use, and print in any of the above formats for non-commercial purposes. If you prefer a printed textbook, you are encouraged to print sections/the entire book.

Printing – Recommendations

  • Check for printing costs at your on-campus print shop (such as Grenville at Georgian College) or a local print shop (Staples, etc)
  • Consider printing this textbook in black & white (not full colour), and refer to the web-book or PDF where you need to examine the colour diagrams
  • Printing a large document is often significantly less expensive at a print shop than it is to print on your home printer or at the Library
  • Ask about binding or 3 hole punching when you order, as this is usually low cost and will make your textbook easier to use

Except where otherwise noted, this book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, allowing students/faculty to print it for their personal use at the cost of printing.

Math Equations

This book uses regular HTML to express simple math equations (such as <sup>, <sub>, italics and special characters) combined with Latex coding (rendered by MathJax) to prepare and display complex mathematical and chemical equations. Users of assistive technology may need to configure their software or download/activate a plugin to properly interpret the math.

Please consult with your Adaptive technologist or Accessibility advisor for assistance if necessary.

MathJax offers numerous accessibility features, including the ability to present equations in different formats, zoom, etc. Please see our Accessibility Statement for more details.

Experiencing navigation issues?

If you encounter navigation issues while accessing this text via a link from your course in Blackboard (or other learning management system), please try accessing the online web book by using the web address in your browser. The bottom left and right corners of the web book allow you to navigate through the book (previous/next) and the top left hand corner of the web book features a drop down table of contents.

Attribution & References

Except where otherwise noted, “Accessing and Using this Textbook” by OER Design Studio at the Georgian College Library is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.


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Enhanced Introductory College Chemistry Copyright © 2023 by Gregory Anderson; Caryn Fahey; Jackie MacDonald; Adrienne Richards; Samantha Sullivan Sauer; J.R. van Haarlem; and David Wegman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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