Navigating and Using the PDF version of your Textbook

Using the PDF version of your textbook

Most OER will have both an online/web book and PDF versions. The PDF versions of your textbook contain all the same text as the web-based versions. They may also contain:

  • Text based versions of the interactive activities found in the online web book
  • Text based review questions or activities
  • Links to embedded videos and external resources
  • Footnotes listed at bottom of the PDF page, or the end of the chapter
  • Glossary terms (listed at end of PDF file in alphabetical order)

How to get started

  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for your device (free download) if you do not already have a PDF viewer
  • Access or Download the PDF of your book on main page of the book site, or from the Accessing & using your textbook page
    • Digital PDF is optimized for use with internet access (clickable links to videos & resources)
    • Print PDF is optimized for printing or using on your device offline (you’ll have to type out links for videos/resources from an internet enabled device)
  • Review Navigating PDF pages, Adobe Acrobat for help working with the PDF of the full book

Watch How to Download & Install Acrobat Reader on Windows 10 (5 mins) on YouTube

Video source: Amit Thinks.  (2022, July 28). How to download & install Adobe Acrobat Reader for free on Windows 10/ 11 [Updated August 2022] [Video]. YouTube.

Reading & Navigating in your PDF textbook

The full PDF version of your textbook is similar to a book or eBook. It contains

  • A table of contents (clickable links in Digital PDF)
  • Bookmarks to specific chapters/sections
  • Page numbers

Watch How to Open a PDF and Navigate Acrobat (10 mins) on YouTube

Video source: Intellezy Learning. (2022, November 17). How to open a PDF and navigate Acrobat [Video]. YouTube.

Further Resources & Tips

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