Downloading & Printing your OER textbook (optional)

Some students prefer a printed textbook. The good news is that with an OER, you have the option of printing some or all of the textbook, at low cost. Some OER textbooks are even available, in printed format, from sites such as Amazon. If you believe you’d benefit from a print/physical copy of your text, please review the following suggestions.

OER textbooks are free to access, use and print in any of the above formats for students and faculty use for non-commercial/educational purposes. Please check with the OER Design Studio by emailing OER[at] if you have questions about licensing & Copyright.

  • Check within your book for PDF options, as many have PDFs that are optimized for printing (see info below)
  • Check your syllabus to see what sections of the book you will need to read
  • Print the entire book OR just the sections you need

How to Download your textbook in PDF format

How to Download your textbook in PDF format (Text version)

Download Georgian OER – Pressbooks

If your class is using an OER created at Georgian

  • visit the “Accessing and Using this Textbook” page for your book
  • review the table for access options
  • download the whole PDF in digital (active links) or print (if desired) OR
  • navigate to the heading “Download specific textbook chapters as individual files (optimized for printing)”
  • download just the chapters you will use (check your syllabus)

Download Other Pressbook OER

OER without the “Accessing and Using this Textbook” page:

  • go to the main page for the book
  • look for the Download this book dropdown menu (download options may vary by book)
  • select either:
    • ePUB – used with some eBook readers
    • Digital PDF – clickable links, use with internet connection
    • Print PDF – optimized for printing, no clickable links

Download OpenStax OER

On the main page of the book:

  • Access the Book Details page
  • Look for the Download a PDF link
  • Click “go to your File”

From any page in the book:

  • Go to Book details using the link at top left to book title
  • Look for the Download a PDF link
  • Click “go to your File”

Note: You do not need to donate in order to access the file.

Some OER may have links to buy a print copy of your textbook – from an academic bookstore, Amazon, or other.  Before ordering, check:

  • Canadian or US site?
  • Website ships to Canada/your location?
  • Cheaper to print selected sections of the book at a print shop such as Staples?

How to keep your printing costs low – General Tips

  • Print only the chapters needed (check your syllabus)
  • Check printing costs at a local print shop (Staples, etc)
  • Print your textbook in black & white (not full colour), and refer to the web-book or PDF where you need to examine the colour diagrams or images- this will save considerable money
  • Printing a large document is often significantly less expensive at a print shop than it is to print on your home printer or at the Library
  • Ask about binding or 3 hole punching when you order, as this is usually low cost and will make your textbook easier to use

Remember, OER are free for you to print for your personal use. Printing or purchasing a printed copy of the textbook is optional. Some systems may ask you to create a free login, but you should not have to purchase, pay or donate any money in order to access your textbook.

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  • Screenshots included in H5P activity are licensed according to their specific book/webpage. Click “Rights of use” for further details.


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