116 Social Media | Module Assessment Tool and Evaluation Guide

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At this point, you should have completed all of the sections of the Social Media Worksheet.



You will be assessed using the following criteria:

Item Yes No
Part 1: Social Media as Communication Tools
Quiz: Pretest
Part 1c Exercise 1: Document your Social Media Network
Part 1d Quiz: Which social media tool should you use to share your research?
Part 1g Exercise: Document your existing online content and online identity
Part 1h Exercise: Write the biography for your research group Twitter account
Part 2: Your Social Media Strategy
Quiz: Pretest
Quiz: Is your research funded by a Tri-agency funder?
Quiz: Do you have any institutional social media supports?
Exercise: List the social media accounts related to your research institution and researchers that you work with
Exercise: Complete your social media strategy
Cumulative exercise: Documenting your digital content: Columns 1-5
Part 3: Best Practices of Common Social Media Platforms
Quiz: Pretest
Cumulative exercise: Social Media Content Worksheet: Columns 6-11


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