81 Social Media | Setting the Scene

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At this point you may have starting thinking about all the people who need to know more about your research and innovations. You have created a communications strategy, but we need to consider how to incorporate social media for maximum impact.

While you have probably heard about Twitter and other social media platforms and you may wonder if there is room for your research to be found by policy makers amongst the cat videos and TikTok memes shared on social media networks. Your communication strategy shares their findings with those interested in implementing their results in workplaces, products and classrooms. Are policy makers, employers, and other academics part of these networks? Many of your colleagues and students are using social media to interact with colleagues and share their research stories. You even know of colleagues who post and share videos of their own work.

You can see people glued to their phones and you may have realized that to make an impact with the over 53% of the world’s population that uses social media, you will need to create a social media strategy. Along the way, you will learn that a social media strategy is more than creating a cool username and posting photos of cats.

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