137 IP and Commercialization | Synopsis

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This module asks us to start thinking about how research can be brought to market. How can its purpose be successfully communicated to industry, end-users, and society in a way that it can be quickly and efficiently adopted into public use while generating a profit?

There are many factors to consider in determining commercialization potential of research and inventions, among those considerations are:

  • What real world problems does it address?
  • How is it solving that problem?
  • What impact could it have?
  • Who would be interested in using it?
  • Would someone pay to use it?
  • What costs are involved?
  • Do other inventions exist to solve the same problem?
  • What are the barriers that need to be removed before fully commercializing the product? (i.e., regulatory, safety and efficacy testing, patents, etc.)

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