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In addition to the audiences articulated in Module 3, that you have now found online in Part 1, consider exploring the following questions to accurately determine the social media habits of your audience:

Who are they? (E.g. job title, age, location, etc.)
What are they interested in that you can provide? (E.g. educational content, case studies, new products, etc.)
Where do they usually hang out online? (E.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc. or niche platforms)
When do they look for the type of content you can provide? (E.g. weekends, during their daily commute, etc.)
Why do they consume the content? (E.g. to get better at their job, to stay up to date with something, etc.)
How do they consume the content? (E.g. read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch videos, etc.)

(From Social Media Marketing Strategy)

Determining the answers to these questions will help your target your tactics for maximum impact.


TIP: A persona is a term used to describe a very detailed description of the attributes of your audience, so that you can share your content with them in the most impactful way. (Resource)


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