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Using the template provided below, complete a communications plan template for your research and / or academic activity. Include at least 3 different goals for your communications plan, and the corresponding audiences, channels, and messages. Refer back to the steps outlined in part 1, the best practices discussed in part 2, and the various tools and channels introduced in part 3.

Communications Strategy

Goal or Objective (Why?)

Audience / Stakeholder (Who?)

Message / Value Proposition (What?)


What is the hook or concern of the audience?

Content Type (How? Timing, Resources)

Channel (Where?)


To increase interest from students to join my research group

Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Learning opportunities, recognition, strong culture

experience to get into graduate school or post-doc position

Engaging video and photo content with clear value proposition

Student Newsletter, Social Media (Instagram, TikTok), Posters



You will be assessed using the following criteria:

Needs Improvement


Meets Expectations

Goals clearly defined 

Appropriate audience identified 

Message and value proposition are clearly articulated

Content type fits with the audience and message 

Channels are appropriate for the selected audience and content type

You can also complete the chart using the attached Word document. You will want to save your answers regardless of the format you choose.

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