170 Resources on Influencing Policy | Holding an Accessible Policy Brief Meeting

Even after you write a formal policy brief, you may need to take further steps to engage policy makers by meeting with policy makers and members of their teams. When you do, it is important that the meeting be accessible to reduce barriers for participation and that it be set up for successful knowledge mobilization.

This section will introduce practical tips, resources, and skills needed to host an accessible and inclusive policy briefing.   By engaging with this section, you will explore answers to  the following questions:

  • Why is event planning important for knowledge mobilization?
  • What is an accessible and inclusive event?
  • Why should you plan an accessible and inclusive event?
  • How can you plan an accessible and inclusive event?

Key Resource: Research Impact Canada provides interactive videos and exercises that will walk you through each stage of hosting an inclusive policy briefing:

  • Stage 1: Planning the event
  • Stage 2: Hosting the event
  • Stage 3: Evaluating the event

Access the materials and exercises.



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