96 Social Media | Planning your Social Media Strategy | Articulate who you are on Social Media

Articulate who you areIdentify your audienceSet a goalDetermine success measuresOutline tactics

This involves determining a clear digital identity as outlined in Part 1. Other social media users should be able to understand what your area of expertise is clearly. You can also use the key messages you created in module 3 to determine the tone and style of your words and images on your account. Branding guidelines can also be helpful.

The tone on social media, whether very informal or formal, is always conversational and may use shorthand language. Familiarize yourself with common shorthand terms.

Use a social media management tool like Hootsuite to set up listening streams to monitor relevant keywords and accounts in real-time.


Tip: Etiquette matters in real life and also when engaging online. Familiarize yourself with social media etiquette specific to the platform you are using.

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