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A different audience uses each social media tool. Think about your audiences identified when developing your communications plan, those same audiences may also use social media. However, audiences may differ across major social media platforms. The following basic demographics apply to US users of major platforms:

Demographic profiles and party of regular social media news users in the USTable from Sprout Social Media’s 2021 report.

Twitter logoTwitter



 (Sprout Social Media’s 2021 report)

Facebook logoFacebook



(Sprout Social Media’s 2021 report)

Youtube logoYouTube



  • Number of monthly active users: 2 billion
  • Largest age group: 15-25
  • Gender: 72% of all female internet users and 72% of all male internet users
  • Time spent per day: 41.9 minutes among viewers 18 and older
  • Popularity is only increasing due to COVID lockdowns and growth of video content.

(Sprout Social Media’s 2021 report)

Tiktok logoTikTok



  • # of monthly active users: 100 million
  • Largest age group: 18-24
  • Gender: 59% female, 41% male
  • Time spent per day: 45+ minutes
  • TikTok is notably seeing growing use among adults, therefore the platform may change from its current focus on younger users.

(Sprout Social Media’s 2021 report)



(Sprout Social Media’s 2021 report)

Linkedin logoLinkedIn



  (Sprout Social Media’s 2021 report)


Pinterest logoPinterest



(Sprout Social Media’s 2021 report)

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