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  • Blank, S. (2014, July 1). How Investors Make Better Decisions. The Investment Readiness Level. https://steveblank.com/2014/07/01/how-investors-make-better-decisions-the-investment-readiness-level/
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  • Carter, J. The Best New Product Development Process: Faster Product Development and a Roadmap to Your Next Successful Product. https://www.tcgen.com/product-development-process
  • Dotta, P. The Right Roadmap to Build an MVP: From Idea to Launch. https://altar.io/the-roadmap-to-build-an-mvp-from-idea-to-launch/
  • Eby, K. (2021, July 20). Innovation for Everyone: Everything You Need to Know About New Product Development. https://www.smartsheet.com/all-about-new-product-development-process
  • Government of Canada, Panel on Research Ethics. Chapter 9: Research Involving the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples of Canada. https://ethics.gc.ca/eng/tcps2-eptc2_2018_chapter9-chapitre9.html
  • Sarvaiya, D. (2020, June 20). How Startups can Build an MVP (Caveat: No Shortcuts!). https://www.business2community.com/startups/how-startups-can-build-an-mvp-caveat-no-shortcuts-02320812

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