92 Social Media | Your Academic Institution and Social Media Accounts

Institutions and companies have their own guidelines that you can use to guide your posting practices. These can be especially helpful if multiple people are using a social media account, in the case of a laboratory account. It can also be helpful to develop sample social media posts to guide your own posting.



Tip: In addition to avoiding racist or sexist behaviours online, or sharing misinformation, your institution may have guidelines and policies that outline branding and other institutional norms to be used on social media accounts. The previous module discussed brand guidelines in detail.

Leveraging Existing Institution-Specific Communication Tools and Guidelines

Although researchers’ social media accounts are not governed by their institutions, there are supports and resources available from your institution. Researchers can amplify the reach of research shared online by leveraging the supports offered by their institution. Be sure to tag them in your posts.

Many institutions provide helpful resources, along with experts, to help you implement your social media plan, for instance: Iowa State University social media communications plan

As well, universities post public lists of social media accounts that you can tag to promote your work within your institutional network on social media. Many departments, programs and research groups and projects have their own accounts. You can even explore lists of accounts that users create within social media networks.


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