67 Community Engagement and Collaboration | Considerations | Budget

As is clear from all of the above sections of this module, community engagement within KMb is complex and takes dedicated time and resources. Given the complexity of community engagement, budget is also an important component within your engagement work. Budget generally refers to the expenses related to the project. Budget considerations are very specific to an individual project and may include various items such as:

  1. Salary/support for backbone support (see point above for more resources/information on backbone support)
  2. Compensation for contributions from community partners/stakeholders (e.g. compensation or honoraria for time involved)
  3. Collaborative meeting costs (e.g. space, food, travel, etc.)
  4. Costs for KMb projects/resources (e.g. creation, distribution, etc.)
  5. Conference and publication costs

Some important pieces that may impact budgeting for community engagement include the project timeline, rules and restrictions from funding sources for the project (if applicable), and contributions (i.e. cash and in-kind) from your home institution and your community partners/stakeholders. Working with your institution’s Research Office can help you determine the policies (i.e., Tri-Council honoraria rules, REB rules) that guide the determination of these costs.


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