Recruitment to the Workplace

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This section of the module will discuss recruitment and provide considerations for selecting and interviewing applicants with some suggested strategies. Onboarding (including orientation of a new employee) is reviewed as a component of recruitment.


Activity #1

Review this blog by Rebecca Smallwood (2021), Hiring the Right Nurses: 5 Characteristics to Look For.


Activity #2

Watch this short video.

Lecture Video: Recruitment Interviewing and Onboarding (13:01)

Slides: Recruitment: Interviewing and Onboarding


Activity #3

Complete these required readings:


Activity #4

Find the last interview tool you used and consider it against the characteristics suggested by Smallwood. Does it help you access these characteristics? If you have not completed an interview, think of the last interview you participated in, and the questions asked.


Activity #5

Identify two values that are important for your organization and department. For each value, create an interview question (behavioural or scenario-based) and scoring criteria. If you need help with questions, review the recommended future readings.


Activity #6

Use the Onboarding Checklist based on Kurnat-Thoma and colleagues (2017). Assess your organization against the checklist to help identify areas for improvement.


Activity #7

Return to the reflective exercise, make changes to your self-assessment, gaps as needed based on what you have learned in this subtopic.

Consider the following question and begin Part 3 and Part 4 of the reflective exercise:

  • How are the current recruitment plan and interview approach supporting retention? What can you do to improve these?


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