Targeting Populations and Special Considerations

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In this section, we will focus on unique considerations for new nurses’ transitioning to the workforce, unregulated workers, internationally educated nurses, and rural workplaces. These groups have unique characteristics to consider in relation to recruitment and retention.


Activity #1

Complete these required readings:


Activity #2

Review the following resources to support new nurses and preceptorship:


Activity #3

Watch this video from the Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia (2018) for a Canadian example of nursing shortages in rural and remote areas.

Video: An Independent Audit of the Recruitment and Retention of Rural and Remote Nurses in Northern B.C. (4:14)


Activity #4

Review and consider these government-funded initiatives in Ontario, Canada, supporting new nurses and IENs. How might you advocate for something similar or improved? How might you support these in your organization?


Activity #5

Return to your case study from subtopic 2. Make changes based on your learning from sections 3 and 4. For nursing leaders in rural and remote communities, consider changing the framework to Abelsen and colleagues’ (2020) Plan, Recruit, Retain framework.


Activity #6

Return to the reflective exercise and consider these unique populations, make changes to your self-assessment, gaps as needed, and then complete Part 3 and Part 4. Consider the following questions:

  • How can I support students, new nurses, unregulated care providers and/or IENs as part of the recruitment and retention strategy?
  • For those in or supporting rural and remote communities, how are you engaging the community in retention and recruitment planning?



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