Author Introduction

Amy Hallaran PhD, RN

Amy J. Hallaran, PhD, RNI am a registered nurse, and currently a professor and program coordinator with the Trent/Fleming School of Nursing. I have a diverse background in healthcare with professional experience in the community, hospitals, and nursing regulation. I completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Ottawa, and doctoral degree at Queen’s University in 2017.


My areas of research focus on the transition to practice of new nurses, readiness for practice of students, and understanding predictors of retention in healthcare providers.


Why is this project and topic important to me?  


My professional experience has included various roles, in which I had to consider and apply ethical principles to support decision-making at various stages, such as policy development, program planning, and conflict resolution while dealing with diverse team members and partners. Faced with complex scenarios has made me question and identify my own values and ask/answer many difficult questions, ranging from patient care concerns to organization-level problems or issues within the broader community. Working through the uncertainty when guided by values and a moral compass has helped me assess situations and work on a path forward. I hope that this module will leave you feeling secure knowing your values, and knowledgeable about how your values can guide your practice and leadership, along with your discovery of courage as a motivator to lead and face moral issues.


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