4. Quality Management and Improvement

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Since the time of Florence Nightingale, quality has been a core value of the nursing profession. The values and ethical standards of nursing that drive quality are paramount to the societal obligations and commitments of members of a profession.  Over the past few decades, the focus on quality and patient safety has strengthened in health care. As a result, the knowledge base regarding quality and safety has advanced and various theories and methodologies have evolved. Given the critical role nurses play, it is essential that nurses not only be experts in this area but also contribute to the advancement of this knowledge and to a deeper understanding of quality and safety in health care.


This module is designed to build on the existing expertise of nurses and will:

  • outline the evolution of quality in health care since the leadership and influence of Florence Nightingale
  • review the key issues and evolving evidence in quality management and demonstrate their influence on government and organizational strategy,
  • describe the principles, theories, and methodologies fundamental to quality management and Improvement,
  • illustrate various models for quality improvement, and safety, and highlight a selection of tools and processes that facilitate the maintenance, improvement, and measurement of quality,
  • outline methodologies for the development, implementation, and evaluation of quality improvement plans,
  • provide an overview of key legislation and other oversight bodies that ensure accountability for quality and safety in health care.


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