Setting the Stage: Motivating the Team

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In this section, we will examine and describe leadership competencies required to empower and motivate work teams as well as the role modeling behaviours of successful nursing leaders.  We will also explore issues of workplace diversity and generational differences in the interprofessional team and reflect on the importance of team collaboration and its contribution to quality services and patient outcomes


Activity #1

As a warm welcome to this unit, please watch this video.

Video: Leadership From A Dancing Guy (3:00)


Activity #2 

Complete the following readings.

  1. Bergstedt, K., & Wei, H. (2020). Leadership strategies to promote frontline nursing staff engagementNursing Management51(2), 48–53.
  2. Sherrod, D., Holland, C., & Chappel-Aiken, L. (2019). Leadership: where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re goingNursing Management50(9), 1–13
  3. Shirey, M. R. (2017). Leadership practices for healthy work environmentsNursing Management48(5), 42–50.
  4. Van Bogaert, P., Peremans, L., de Wit, M., Van heusden, D., Franck, E., Timmermans, O., & Havens, D. S. (2015). Nurse managers’ perceptions and experiences regarding staff nurse empowerment: A qualitative studyFrontiers in Psychology6, 1–10.


Activity #3

Please watch this video examines the importance of listening to and being open to others’ subjective experiences and the impact of working from an ‘absolute truth’ mindset.

Video: The Blind Men and the Elephant (3:50)


Activity #4

Read Chapter 2 [section 2.7]: Diversity in Health Care Organizations. Wagner, J. (2018). Leadership and influencing change in nursing. University of Regina Press.


Activity #5

Read the article from Nursing Management – Sensmeier, J. (2019) Cultivating a culture of innovationNursing Management50(11), 11.


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