Frameworks and Guidelines for Retention in the Workplace

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This section will focus on retention in the workplace and examine factors contributing to retention and strategies. Expanding on the reading from subtopic 1, there is a significant focus on creating healthy work environments.


Activity #1

Review this podcast from The Gritty Nurse which highlights the key issues from the perspective of two Ontario nurses, and shares some important resources.


Activity #2

Complete these required readings:


Activity #3

Complete Part 2 of the reflective exercise. Based on what you have learned so far about retention in the workforce, what are some gaps in your practice as a nursing leader?

Consider the following to help identify gaps in your practice:

  • How are you addressing, or supporting your organization to address the following?
    • Staff well-being (for example, nursing fatigue)
    • Professional development (for example, do you have an annual plan/budget for ongoing education that is unit-specific or organizational? Are you supporting individual growth and career goals?)
    • Workload concerns (for example, have you reviewed literature on staffing levels?)
    • Are staff involved in decision-making?
  • How do you monitor staff satisfaction and turnover (internally and externally)?
  • Considering your leadership practices and what you read about Transformational Leadership, how do you compare?


Activity #4

Examine this case study by Marie Benjamin-Wilson from Georgia State University.

Reflecting on the case study provided, what might a similar case study look like for your area of work? Create a case study for your area of work that integrates key factors of retention from the readings, and the Positive Practice Framework (use the template provided or create your own using the Positive Practice Framework or another framework from the literature).


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