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Fanshawe’s SOAR Into College

At it’s core, Fanshawe College is committed to helping students develop skills valued by Canadian employers.  Throughout the text, you will find direct and indirect reference to the 7 Job Skills for the Future to help make connections between these skills and what they are learning in this class.

The SOAR model will be used throughout this book to guide students as they Self-Assess their current their strengths and weaknesses, identify Opportunities to improve, create an Action plan and then record and Reflect on how to implement their plan to achieve success.

Each chapter will follow the SOAR pattern but it’s important to recognize that SOAR is not a linear model.  It should be viewed as a continuous improvement cycle.  After reflecting on what they have learned, students can reassess where they are, to identify what opportunities come next, and make any necessary adjustments to their action plan.  Not only is this cycle important for self-development, it is applied in successful workplaces.






About the Author

Photo of woman sitting in a chair. Kristen Cavanagh.
Kristen Cavanagh

Kristen Cavanagh, HBA, BEd, MLIS is a professor at Fanshawe College where she teaches at the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business. Inspired by great teachers Kristen earned her Bachelor of Education from Mount Allison University after a 4 year honors degree at Huron University at Wester and began a 7 year love of teaching in British Columbia. Her love of learning called her to complete a Masters in Library and Information Science and the next 13 years were invested in developing her business acumen, managing various departments of an expanding GTA library system. Her first introduction to OER textbooks was when she adopted the College Success OER textbook and she recognized a need for creating a free resource that reflected the Fanshawe College community and resources, which prompted her to create this resource.

Kristen lives in St. Thomas with her family of humans, three dogs, one skink and a leopard gecko.  She loves all things Star Wars, (has visited Skywalker Ranch for a behind the scenes tour) and got to do some background acting work in season 3 of Umbrella Academy when they shot an scene in St. Thomas.

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