7.6 Reflection


There are a variety of apps available to help you track your health and wellness goals.  Pick a topic from this chapter (sleep, eating, exercise, etc.) content that you are interested in improving for yourself.

Do some research on the internet to find an app or a tool that can help you set a goal, create a plan and monitor your progress.

Fill out the information below in the form, share what you learned, download what you found out and submit.

Activity 1

Stress can impact your mindset, creating a “doom spiral” which is hard to get out of. We can feel overwhelmed and often shut down instead of taking charge of what is causing our stress or asking for help.

This chapter introduced the concept of a stress toolkit, which should be a list or goody bag of items to help you get out of the spiral.

Create a stress tool kit that you can keep handy for when things get tough. For this activity, your tool kit will require a few elements.

Part A : Your Support Team – Reach Out Ready

Who at Fanshawe can support you? (Use our Fanshawe Resources sections throughout this textbook to identify THREE people and places you can reach out to for help.  Include their names and contact information. Who in your personal life can support you? identify THREE people and places you can reach out to for help. Include their names and contact information and post this list where you can see it (like your fridge or computer).









Part B :  Create a list or pictures of what helps you with stress.  (Be creative!) Make a photo collage and post it or fill a box you can keep under your bed with jokes, treats, and things that make you happy that you might have a hard time recalling when you are feeling stressed. List the items on the outside of the box.

Activity 2

We can all probably think about ways we wish we were being a bit more healthy.  So why not set some goals and create an action plan about one of these areas?

Read this article from the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine to learn about types of goal setting related to health and how creating and following your action plan can create a positive changing your behaviour.

Create a S.M.A.R.T. Goal surrounding one area of health and wellness you would like to work on over the next 30 days. This will give you a short timeline and allow you to focus on one, achievable thing. Choose something that matters to you and ensure your SMART goal outlines the specific step by step plan you will ACT on every day that helps you meet your goal.

If 30 days feels too long, pick a 7 day goal. Once you are successful, repeat the process for another 7 days. Your success with a 7 day goal will give you confidence that you can make it another 7 days.  If you don’t make it the 7 days then what do you need to change in your action plan so that you can achieve the goal?  Make the change and implement your plan.


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