1.5 The Written Rules – Two Training Modules



When you accepted your offer to come to Fanshawe, that meant a lot of things got put in motion! You had to organize your finances, living situation, technology, schedule, work, and so many other things.

Sometimes students don’t realize that accepting your offer to become part of the Fanshawe Falcon community means you have agreed to abide by all the policies that govern you while you are a student. Some of these policies may be limited to when you are on campus, but some may extend to off campus activities like travel with a sports team, attending an off campus event, while on co-op etc.

This is very similar to the workplace. At work, you would have to know various policies like the Code of Conduct, perhaps Workplace Health and Safety, Sexual Harassment Policy, etc. Educating yourself about the requirements of your job will ensure reduce the risk of doing something that could get you fired.

Policy information can be found on our Fanshawe website and is worth reviewing. In particular the Student Code of Conduct.

Your classes may also have policies about late assignments, attendance, or missed exams that are important to know.  Take time to locate that information on your course site or ask your professor where it can be found.

Fanshawe College Mandatory Training – Academic Integrity Policy – Appendix B 

All first year students at Fanshawe College will be required to complete the Academic Integrity Training module that is included in our textbook in Appendix B. The training module is intended to inform your understanding of academic integrity and academic offences to ensure you are set up for success.

You will be required to demonstrate your understanding of how this policy relates to your academic work to pass this course.  Like in the workplace, you may be required to complete this training on a regular basis. Policies change over time and regular review and reminders are important.

The full Academic Integrity Policy can be viewed by searching the Fanshawe Website.

Please check your course site to determine when this training must be completed and how to submit your proof of completion.

Additional Training – How to use APA formatting to Cite and Reference –Appendix B 

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To further develop your understanding of how to avoid academic offences, this text also includes a training module on how to use APA format to create in-text citations and references in your work.  This is a required element to show where you have borrowed ideas, fact, pictures, graphs, videos, etc. and to give credit to the creator.  You will use this skill in many courses at Fanshawe.  Your ability to learn this skill will help you avoid academic offences.

You will be required to complete a self-directed training module on Citing and Referencing in APA Format so you can demonstrate this skill OR identify that you need some additional one-on-one tutoring or more self-directed learning.  This is a requirement for all first year business students, and since all first year students will be using this textbook, the training is included in this book.



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