1.1 Self Assessment


Where are you now? Yes Unsure Not Yet
1. I feel comfortable with accessing my course information on Fanshawe Online.
2. I have clear-cut career interests and have already planned my college program to prepare me best for my future work.
3. I know who my academic advisor is and how to contact them.
4. I have all the personal traits of a successful college student.
5. I know how the learning process functions and make an effort to maximize my learning at each step in this process.
6. I know how I learn best and use it to my advantage when learning new things.
7. I know how to stay focused in class or online  to gain the most from my classes.
8. I am aware of my educational institution’s policies for academic integrity and honesty.
9. I know where to find all the resources of my school that can help me succeed both academically and personally.
10. I am confident I can earn the grades I need to pass my classes and graduate from my program.
11. I know the first term of college will be the most difficult, but I am fully prepared and take responsibility for my own success.
12. I am taking steps every day to ensure I am successful in every aspect of the school experience.
13. I know how to create in-text citations and full references in APA format to show where I used information from my text or other research.
14. I have a good support system (friends, family, others) who I can rely on when things get tough.
15. I feel very comfortable asking questions of my professors whenever I feel confused (whether in class or via email or video chat).


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