4.12 Key Terms

daily top three approach: a simple technique where you determine which three things are the most important to finish that day, and these become the tasks that you complete. 4.7

discretionary activities: things you don’t have to do for school, work, or a healthy life. 4.2

eat the frog approach: strategy that applies to time and task management based on the concept that if a person takes care of the biggest or most unpleasant task first, everything else will be easier after that. 4.7

panic: a strong feeling of worry that can lead to making decisions based on strictly emotional reactions. 4.6

pomodoros: name of the work intervals in the Pomodoro technique. 4.7

Pomodoro Technique: a study technique developed by Francesco Cirillo where basic concept is to use a timer to set work intervals of about 25 minutes that are followed by a short break. 4.7

prioritization: ordering tasks and allotting time for them based on their identified needs or value. 4.6

procrastination: the act of delaying some task that needs to be completed. 4.4

time management: in college, managing your time requires managing all the elements of your life as well as managing time for class and to complete assignments. 4.6


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