8.1 Self-Assessment


How do you feel about the ways you think? Take this quick survey to figure it out, ranking questions on a scale of 1–4, 1 meaning “least like me” and 4 meaning “most like me.” These questions will help you determine how the chapter concepts relate to you right now. As you are introduced to new concepts and practices, it can be informative to reflect on how your understanding changes over time. We’ll revisit these questions at the end of the chapter to see whether your feelings have changed.

  1. Which type of thinking do you think is most important for your academic studies?
    1. Creative thinking
    2. Analytical thinking
    3. Critical thinking
  2. In which area do you have the most difficulty being creative?
    1. Writing
    2. In-class discussions/activities
    3. Personal life
    4. Problem-solving
    5. Finding resources/help
  3. In which course areas or activities do you make the most use of problem-solving skills?
    1. Math or quantitative classes
    2. Computer or technical classes
    3. Social science classes
    4. Real-life situations

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