2.8 Reflective Activities


Learning Style vs Learning Preference – Do Labels Limit Us or Help Us Understand?

Watch this TEDx video on learning styles and the importance of critical thinking. After you have watched the video, consider some of the reflective points below.

a) The concept of personalized learning styles has been popular for almost half a century. Given the information presented in this video, why do you think people are attracted to the idea of personal learning styles even though evidence shows they do not actually exist?

b) If you were going to devise an experiment to prove or disprove the idea of personalized learning styles, what would you do?

How Can I Reflect on What Influences My Learning, and How Others Learn?

1. Explore Appendix C and select two self-assessment tool to try (turn this into H5P for reflective work to download).

a) How well do you think the results reflect who you are right now?

b) How could you use this information about yourself to help you become a more successful learner OR how could you use this information to help you be more successful in the workplace?

c) How could knowing more about learning preferences and personality styles help you when you have to work with others to achieve a common goal?

2. Self-directed learning is defined by Fanshawe College  as __________________  (see also Appendix A). Do you think you will be able to manage your own learning successfully? Why or why not?  Give some examples to support your opinion.

3. After reviewing this chapter, what challenges do you think you may face this term and what are some  strategies you can try to help you with these challenges?

Exercise: Learning Preference

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