10.13 Key Terms

Effective studying: is an ongoing process of reviewing course material. 10.5

Essay questions: Used by professors to evaluate your thinking and reasoning applied to the material covered in a course. Good essay answers are based on your thoughts, supported by examples from classes, and reading assignments. 10.4

Online quizzes/tests: included in your learning management system (FOL at Fanshawe) and require some additional planning to manage the technical aspects. 10.3

Open book tests: professors often give this type of test when they are more interested in seeing your thoughts and critical thinking than your memory power. 10.3

Paper tests: a very common type of test, requiring students to write answers on the test pages or in a separate test booklet or bubble sheet. 10.3

Short answer questions: Designed for you to recall and provide some very specific information. 10.4

Take home tests: Like open-book tests except you have the luxury of time on your side. The professor will likely expect more detail and more complete work because you are not under a strict time limit and because you have access to reference materials. 10.3

Test anxiety: A psychological condition in which a person feels distress before, during, or after a test or exam to the point where stress causes poor performance. 10.8

Video tests: You may be asked to respond to written prompts and record you answer in video format, which will mean ensuring you have the right equipment (working camera, microphone, quiet space, etc.). 10.3


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