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Fanshawe College Here For You

Here For You is a core principle that inspires our relationship with you, our students. Whether you’re new to Fanshawe or just looking for support from one of our many departments, we’re here to help you succeed. This is your life, and your student journey, but the reason we show up every day is to support you however we can. We are here for you.

Getting Connected

Review the links below to build a contact list of support available to you at Fanshawe College.  Set a goal to investigate ONE thing this term.  The more you know about what is out there, the better decisions you will make.

Student Services Sign Up for Intramural Sports/Gym Schedule
Academic Advisors Health and Wellness Supports
Find a Mentor Math, Writing, Research and Study Help
Find a Peer Tutor Clubs and Activities
Events Interrobang – Fanshawe Student News Podcasts 


What Students Say – Asking for Help When Things Are Tough

“It is hard to ask for help.  But, in college, we can practice doing hard things in this safe environment.

I know how hard it is to ask for help, as I used to be afraid to reach out to professors or any other staff. In April 2022, I was almost homeless and had no one here in London, Canada. I went to the Fanshawe International office twice but backed out because I was afraid to explain my situation.

But finally, I pushed myself and went to talk to them. I reached out to Laura Costigan (Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor) and explained my situation. She calmly listened to me and gave me lots of options, one of which was to stay at Fanshawe Residence.

I was late to applying for summer residence, but she contacted the manager copied me in the email and helped to book a seat for me starting on the 15th of April. For 15 days, I stayed at a motel suggested by her, and as a Fanshawe student, I received a reasonable discount too.  When we face our problems and ask for help, we are no longer alone.  That was a huge lesson for me and with practice, it does get easier. Just ask.”

Bina Poudel, Fanshawe College



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