10.1 Self-Assessment


How confident are you in preparing for and taking tests? Take this quick survey to figure it out, ranking questions on a scale of 1–4, 1 meaning “least like me” and 4 meaning “most like me.” These questions will help you determine how the chapter concepts relate to you right now. As you are introduced to new concepts and practices, it can be informative to reflect on how your understanding changes over time.

  1. I set aside enough time to prepare for tests.
  2. If I don’t set aside enough time, or if life gets in the way, I can usually cram and get positive results.
  3. I prefer to pull all-nighters. The adrenaline and urgency help me remember what I need come test time.
  4. I study my notes, highlight book passages, and use flash cards, but I still don’t feel like I’m as successful as I should be on tests.
  1. Which of the following is your most common method of studying?
    1. Reading or rereading the text or my class notes.
    2. Watching videos of my instructor’s lecture or other people discussing the topics.
    3. Taking practice quizzes/tests.
    4. Creating/using study tools (flashcards, mnemonic devices, etc.).
    5. Working with a study group, tutor, or academic support.
  2. Which of the following do you have the most difficulty remembering?
    1. Vocabulary and facts (such as Biology vocab, Historical facts)
    2. Problem-solving methods (such as in Math)
    3. Details from text and literature
    4. Skills and processes (such as a lab technique or a building process)
    5. Computer functions/locations/processes
    6. Which formulas, processes, or categories to apply in situations (such as in Physics or Accounting)
  3. How much anxiety do you feel when an exam or other major course evaluation is approaching?
    1. A great deal
    2. A lot
    3. A moderate amount
    4. A little
    5. None at all

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