1.7 Reflection

Developing Your Self-Reflective Practice

According to a recent article from Indeed:

“Being reflective allows individuals to think about their habits, preferences, and behaviours. Reflection is a useful skill because it helps individuals become more aware of themselves, which allows them to adjust their thoughts and behaviours for self-improvement while also gaining a deeper understanding of their values, strengths, and priorities.” (Indeed Editorial Team, 2022, para. 1).



Answer the reflection questions below in full sentences.  Once complete, download your answers.  Your professor may ask you to post your answers to a discussion board either in writing, or in a video introduction.

Exercise: Where Do You Want to Go?

Think about how you answered the questions at the beginning of the chapter. Be honest with yourself. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your present skills for succeeding in your program, with 1 being “not very strong” and 10 being “very strong”?

In the following list, select the three most important areas that you feel would benefit you most

  • Setting overall goals for this term
  • Organizing my time (scheduling my time, prioritizing, etc.)
  • Finding the best career for my interests and skills
  • Developing my online skills for accessing course work
  • Developing a positive attitude for school
  • Adapting and broadening my personal learning preference
  • Getting the most out of classes large and small
  • Following all school policies
  • Identifying and taking advantage of all college resources (which includes people)
  • Getting the best grades I can get
  • Practicing my communication skills with my peers and professors

Are there other areas or skills that need more attention in order for you to succeed in school? Write down other things you feel you need to work on.

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