4.10 Fanshawe Resources

Fanshawe Resources

Refining your time management skills based on an honest assessment is something that should never stop. The benefits of good time management skills are something that will apply to the rest of your life.

Sometimes, managing everything can become overwhelming and you may benefit from getting some help. There are many resources at Fanshawe who can help you take a step back, evaluate where you are, develop a plan to get you back on track and set you up with some strategies to monitor your progress.

  • Your Professors – Should be your first point of contact as outlined earlier in this chapter.
  • Academic Advisors – Can help review your schedule and course load and help you understand the impacts of adding or dropping courses for your program completion.
  • Library Learning Commons – Offers workshops to help you with study skills including time management.
  • Counselling Services – Can help you if you are feeling overwhelmed and facilitate conversations with your professors on your behalf.
  • Family, Friends, Residence Life Manager, and Roommates – Communicate with them regularly to share your challenges and ask for their help in respecting your study time by sharing your schedule with them. Reciprocate and respect their study time. Work with roommates and friends to support each other while studying and then celebrate with a fun study break together.


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