4.1. Self Assessment


Read each statement in the brief self-evaluation tool below, and check the answer that best applies to you. There are no right or wrong answers.

Always Usually Sometimes Rarely Never
I like to be given strict deadlines for each task. It helps me stay organized and on track.
I would rather be 15 minutes early than 1 minute late.
I like to improvise instead of planning everything out ahead of time.
I prefer to be able to manage when and how I do each task.
I have a difficult time estimating how long a task will take.
I have more motivation when there is an upcoming deadline. It helps me focus.
I have difficulty keeping priorities in the most beneficial order.

This exercise is intended to help you recognize some things about your own time management style. The important part is for you to identify any areas where you might be able to improve and to find solutions for them.

After you have decided your best response to each statement, think about what they may mean in regard to potential strengths and/or challenges for you when it comes to time management in college. If you are a person that likes strict deadlines, what would you do if you took a course that only had one large paper due at the end? Would you set yourself a series of mini deadlines that made you more comfortable and that kept things moving along for you? Or, if you have difficulty prioritizing tasks, would it help you to make a list of the tasks to do and order them, so you know which ones must be finished first?

In Strategies for Success classes at Fanshawe students regularly identify that they feel time management is their weakest skills and often they create a S.M.A.R.T. goal and plan about around how to get better.

This chapter will provide some solutions, but there are many others that can be found by researching time management strategies.

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