Training – Citing and Referencing in APA Format

Learning Objectives

  • Recall how in-text citations are used in conjunction with references to give credit for work borrowed and used in assignments.
  • Identify the APA formatting features used in citing and referencing and where to look them up.
  • Determine how to apply the rules of citing and referencing in APA format to work completed for submission.
  • Apply your understanding by successfully submitting proof of completing of training or quiz as appropriate.

Video Series – Citing, Referencing, and APA Formatting

This video contains information that will help you understand what citing and referencing are, how they are used and why they are required to ensure academic integrity.  Please see additional videos below for more information.

Video: Writing Tips | What is APA Documentation and How to use it by Fanshawe Institute of Indigenous Learning [4:03] transcript available



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