9.9 Key Terms

active reading: a planned, deliberate set of strategies to engage with text-based materials with the purpose of increasing your understanding. 9.2

concept maps: a style of notetaking where you place a central idea in the centre of the page and then add lines and new circles in the page for new ideas; arrows and lines are used to connect the various ideas. 9.3

Cornell method: a style of notetaking that uses a two-column approach—the left column takes up no more than a third of the page and is often referred to as the “cue” or “recall” column, and the right column (about two-thirds of the page) is used for taking notes using any other notetaking method. 9.3

lists: a style of notetaking that involves noting down ideas as they are presented; this method is often used as a fallback when students haven’t learned other methods and it is not easy for students to prioritize ideas in this method. 9.3

outline method: a style of notetaking that places most important ideas along the left margin, which are numbered with roman numerals; supporting ideas to these main concepts are indented and are noted with capital letters. 9.3


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