1.3 Connecting with our Textbook


Getting the Most out of the Textbook

This book works with your Fanshawe Online (FOL) course site and is divided into chapter content. These two resources provide a foundation for your success. Becoming familiar with this book, and your course site will help you get the most out of your experience.

Navigating your course site may take time to learn.  Each professor may do things differently so it will be important to invest time reviewing each of your class sites to be able to identify:

  • your course schedule of due dates
  • weekly modules that include information about topics covered each week
  • quizzes
  • discussion boards
  • assignment instructions
  • other graded work

Chapter Structure

By investing this time in the first week of classes, you can identify any problems you are having, reach out to your professor or contact your student advisor for assistance.

Each chapter in this book will follow the SOAR method.


SOAR is an acronym formed by the fist four letters of a series of steps that will help you reach your goals while at school and in the workplace after you graduate.

At the beginning of the chapter you will be asked to self-assess your strengths and weaknesses in relation to a particular topic.  Then, the chapter will identify some strategies, that are really opportunities for you to improve, encourage you to take action and apply those opportunities, and then reflect on what comes next for you.

Once you reflect on what you learned from each chapter, you may want to go back to the beginning and self-assess how what you learned will impact what you do going forward.  SOAR is not a linear model, but works as a cycle of continuous improvement.

Each chapter concludes with:

Career Connections

How the topic relates to your career success and sample real life interview questions related.  Your ability to speak to your real life experiences in school, work, and life will help employers identify the skills they are looking for.  If you find answering these questions challenging, it only means you need to spend a bit more time thinking about them or identifying opportunities to gain new experiences so that you can develop these skills further.


Fanshawe Resources

Fanshawe has a incredibly diverse support system in place to help you be successful inside and outside the classroom. In your first year, it can feel like information overload as you try to learn how to navigate the online and physical requirements of being a student.  This section will identify key supports available to you with direct links.  Our textbook can be your directory and activities in the text will help you build a custom support team from these end of chapter resource links.


Key Takeaways

This section will summarize the main ideas covered in the chapter.



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