7.8 Fanshawe Resources

Fanshawe Resources

Fanshawe College offers a variety of ways to support students looking to start or continue creating a healthy lifestyle. Do you know where to find these places and people on campus? Take some time to investigate how these resources can enrich your student experience and help you stay on track.

Fanshawe College On Campus Safety

By downloading the Fanshawe Stay Safe App to you phone, you will have a variety of tools available to keep you safe while walking to or from campus or while working alone on campus that will keep you connected to others. Campus Security website.

Health Services

Access to health services on campus may depend on whether you are full-time, part-time, domestic or international. For more information on what is available for you and information about the on campus pharmacy and Fowler Sports Clinic for sports injuries, please check the Fanshawe website. Health and Wellness Services website. 

Mental Health Services

Fanshawe offers free personal professional counselling to individual students or groups of students, in order to address personal concerns that are impacting their academics, such as;

  • mental health concerns
  • grief and loss
  • coping with stress
  • family or other relationship issues
  • abuse issues (e.g., domestic violence, sexual assault)
  • suicidal thoughts/intentions
  • depression/anxiety
  • substance use and addictions
  • anger management
  • sexuality
  • adjusting to Canadian and/or college life
  • …and more!

Their website includes important information on other services like peer support, groups and workshops, and sexual violence prevention and support. Watch the video from Counselling Services. 

The Sharing Shop

The Sharing Shop provides grocery items and toiletries to full time Fanshawe College students, in a short-term need and can be accessed through the Fanshawe Student Union webpage.

Student Fitness Centre/Intramural Sports/Faith and Spirituality Centre/Wellness Rooms/Classes and Special Events

The Student Wellness Centre is home to a number of services to support student physical and mental wellness. The Centre has been designed to provide functional spaces for both individual and group services.


Video: Student Wellness Centre at Fanshawe

Video: “Student Wellness Centre at Fanshawe” by Fanshawe College [2:55] transcript available


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