2.11 Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

This chapter identifies how being a motivated learner can empower you to make informed choices about your own learning. Throughout the chapter, you were introduced to ideas, research, and popular models on learning and given examples of how to use each of these as an effective part of your own learning experience.

In college, you are responsible for your own learning, whether you are learning in a face-to-face classroom, online, or in a blended environment.

Learning at college and in the workplace goes beyond the memorization of facts.

Successful learners understand your subject materials so that you can think about it in meaningful ways and apply it to new situations.

Reflecting on all the things that influence your ability to learn will help you identify strategies to maximize your learning potential and help you achieve academic and workplace goals.

There are a variety of challenges that face learners and many supports to help you achieve your goals starting with your professor.

Identifying partners in learning at Fanshawe College will help you develop a  support network to help you meet your unique learning needs.


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