1.11 Key Terms

Academic Advisor: the expert when it comes to providing advice on  dropping a course, your schedule, changing programs, how to communicate with your professors and can connect you with people to help you with your job search, questions about international visa, work permits, parking, security etc. 1.4

action: third step (A) in the SOAR method. 1.3

hidden curriculum: a phrase used to cover a wide variety of circumstances at school that can influence learning and affect your experience. Sometimes called the invisible curriculum, it varies by institution and can be thought of as a set of unwritten rules or expectations. 1.6

opportunities: second step (O) in the SOAR method. 1.3

reflect: fourth step (R) in the SOAR method. 1.3

self-assess: first step (S) in the SOAR method. 1.3

SOAR: SOAR is an acronym formed by the fist four letters of a series of steps that will help you reach your goals while at school and in the workplace after you graduate. It stands for: self-assess, opportunity, action, and reflect. 1.3

soft skills: skills that are not directly related to your job but are considered extremely valuable to employers. Examples include: adaptability, attention to detail, and a positive attitude towards learning. 1.2

successful learner: a learner who knows how to structure their schedule and prioritize their tasks in order to use their time as effectively as possible ultimately making studying less of a burden and more of a simple routine. 1.2

technical skills: types of skills that you may see listed on a job posting and are often specific to the job. Examples include the ability to create spreadsheets that accurately capture financial data, identifying elements of design for a website, and writing a business plan. 1.2


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