10.10 Career Connections

Career Connections

Interview Questions

  1. Building strong customer relationships is a key role in this job. You will be travelling throughout Ontario to visit the 50+ stores that carry our product. As a new employee how will you go about getting to know our stores, their managers, and the community needs to ensure the established relationships continue to grow?
  2. Every year, you will be required to update your license to continue to be employed with us. Can you explain how you ensure you are staying up to date on changes in regulations and legislation throughout the year leading up to the exam? What sort of supports would you require from us, your employer?


If you are not sure how you would answer these questions, use them as an opportunity to identify what you would actually do.

What strategies would you use to ensure you learn about each community, store, an employees and how would you organize, record and remember this information to use when you go into the stores? Define your strategy so you can talk about it.

Professional DevelopmentĀ 

How do you keep yourself up to date on what is going on within your office? Within your company? Within the country or the world? With events and issues may affect your operations?

Are their things you should be reading regularly, watching, or subscribing to online to ensure you are aware of what is happening?

Your professional development at work may be supported and assigned by your employer but you should be ready to apply your self-directed learning to ensure you know what is happening in your industry and the world.


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