2.10 Fanshawe Resources

Fanshawe Resources

Fanshawe College Learning Supports

Click on the links below to help identify resources to help you achieve academic success at Fanshawe.  We each have a unique journey and so taking time to reflect on areas you may require additional support, and finding out who to contact is the first step.


The Library Learning Commons offers weekly workshops to help you develop your learning skills. Virtual workshops are available to register for online. You will need your student card and fanshaweonline email address.

The Prepare to Learn Series offered through the Library Learning Commons includes sessions on:

  • Learning Online at Fanshawe (how to use FOL and video platforms like ZOOM and BONGO)
  • Returning to Learning (for Mature Students)
  • Math, Studying, Test Taking etc.

Learning Support

Information about registering with Accessibility Services (and Other Learning Supports) can be accessed at this link:


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