5.9 Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

Diversity can be thought of as differences, and we are all different in a variety of ways that goes beyond what we can see or what we can hear.

  • Diversity generally involves things that may significantly affect some people’s perceptions of others, not just any way people happen to be different.
  • Canada takes pride in its multi-culture nature and continues to promote immigration as the way to strengthen the economy and promote a culture of understanding and tolerance.
  • There is value in taking time  to understand why you think and behave in certain ways based on your upbringing and past experiences helps you understand the that there are a variety of ways to approach life.
  • Experiencing new ways of thinking, ideas, concepts, and values leads to development of global citizenship, social intelligence, novel and adaptive thinking, and creative problem solving, all skills identified as critical for job success.
Global Citizenship Complex Problem Solving Novel & Adaptive Thinking Social Intelligence
  • Diversity on campus is beneficial for all students and you may need to step out of your comfort zone to actively expand your worldview by seeking out new opportunities. Socially, students develop a more mature worldview and are better prepared for interacting with a diverse world in the future.
  • The wider perspectives of students from different backgrounds and the greater variety of teaching methods help everyone gain more fully in educational experiences.
  • In addition, students who embrace opportunities to experience diversity have greater satisfaction with their college careers and take a personal responsibility both for broadening their own social world and for speaking out against prejudice and discrimination wherever encountered.


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