3.6 Career Connection

Career Connections

Organizations set goals as part of their management practice to influence employee behaviour and performance (Locke & Latham, 2002).

Every workplace uses goal setting, in one form or another, as a motivational tool for individuals, departments within an organization and the company as a whole.

These goals may be set for you by someone else (increase sales by 10% over the next six months), you may be asked to set them for yourself as part of your work performance (what training or skills you may want to work on during the next performance review cycle), or they may be personal (review the workflow of my team to identify how to make things more efficient and reduce stress).

Whether work goals or academic goals or personal goals, the same process can be applied. Identify a meaningful goal, create the plan, execute on the plan, regularly review, and use feedback to revise your goals and plan.

How to create SMART goals to get where you want to go with your career

Video: Try SMART Goals To Grow Your Career In the New Year | Indeed Career Tips by Indeed [10:51] transcript available.

Personal Values and Workplace Satisfaction

Your personal values are the things that are important to you and motivate you in your personal and work life. Your values determine your priorities, what you do, and how you act.

When what you do and how you act are aligned with your values, you will usually feel good about how your life is going. If your personal values are not aligned with what you do, and how you act, you may feel unsettled or unhappy.

Ensuring that your values align with your actions in the workplace is crucial to ensuring you have a positive work experience.

In the next video, Elder Mary Roberts discusses her personal values. Note how she contrasts traditional values with the values of broader society.

Video: Personal Values by BCIT LTC Media Production[1:29] 

Identifying Your Values

Identifying your values can help you to determine your priorities, both in your personal life and at work.

In the following video, James Williams, Western Canada Aboriginal Liaison for Kiewit, talks about how his success aligns with his personal values.

Video: Professional Values by BCIT LTC Media Production[:59] 

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