6.10 Fanshawe Resources

Fanshawe Resources

Fanshawe College – Taking Responsibility for Improving Your Communication Skills

As a full-time student you have access to a full catalogue of LinkedIn Learning modules for free!  These training modules vary in length and by completing a training course you are expanding your self-directed learning.  Review the catalogue to find courses on business communication, conflict management, cross-cultural communication skills, and add the completion badges to your LinkedIn online profile to show employers you are invested in supporting a diverse workplace.

Connecting to Your Fanshawe Community

  • Fanshawe Student Union – Information to connect with your Fanshawe Community through events, clubs, student government, on campus food information, ride shares, jobs, marketplace, volunteer opportunities, book a pool table or get tickets to events through the BIZ Booth.
  • Campus Recreation, Intramural Sports, E-Sports – Join a team with friends or join one to meet new friends. Drop in opportunities in the gym, classes, simulator sign up, climbing wall or the full gym experience.
  • Events in the Library – Library News – Movies, games and resources to help you connect for fun or study.
  • Practising Interview Skills – Look for workshops on interviewing and ask about the online virtual interview tools or work one on one with a career services team member to practice your interview skills.


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