8.7 Fanshawe Resources

Fanshawe Resources

Expanding Your Support Team

Creating your personal support team will be important to help you though problems. Your professors and academic advisor should be at the top of that list! The contacts below will include some you have seen throughout the text and some may be new to you and require some additional investigation.

Financial Aid and Student Awards Office

  • Provides financial support and advice to help students fund their college education through government and donor funding and to recognize student excellence.
  • Assist with the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), scholarships, grants, and bursaries as well as the Work Study program.
  • Financial planning, including budget advising, is also available (Fanshawe College, n.d. -e).

International Office 

  • Recruiters and education advisors from around the world including China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Africa, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and,
  • Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor (RISIA), an Exchange Coordinator, International Student Life Coordinators, an International Admissions Team and an Arrival/Settlement Facilitator on our staff (Fanshawe College, n.d.-f).


Our team of admissions, registration, and student record experts are here for youthroughout your student journey.

  • Help you learn ways to finance your tuition.
  • Change or drop a course.
  • Provide an employer or government agency with proof of your student status or transcript.
  • Finalize the record for your program and issue your credential (Fanshawe College, n.d.-g).


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