54 What Does Microsoft Teams Offer?

Highlights include:

  • Screensharing for lecture notes and presentations with included audio when multimedia is shared
  • Virtual backgrounds to look professional and maintain privacy.
  • File management with SharePoint​ is essential for the course organization
  • Navigating between teams, channels, and tabs​ will allow for a seamless teaching experience

More tips are mentioned in the previous parts of this e-book.

Increased flexibility vs. Increased complexity

  • MS Teams provides a skeleton for your course and gives you many options to customize it
  • This allows you to structure the course around your teaching style, however, it is up to you to design and create it
  • Spend some time exploring MS Teams to decide if this approach is right for you

As the meeting organizer, you can:

  • Assign proper roles to decide what each participant can do during meetings—for example, presenter or attendee
  • Add external guests to meetings with reduced privileges
  • Incorporate different types of resources to include videos, articles and simulations
For more information, refer to: Owner Privileges.

Easy integration of tools that enhance the learning experience, such as:​

  • Microsoft suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint, etc.)​
    • Promotes collaboration​
  • Microsoft Teams add-ons​
    • Provide additional functions, such as surveys, quizzes, etc.​
  • Open Educational Resources (OERs)​
    • Provide additional learning resources​


Microsoft Teams is growing in functionality and complexity. Staying up to date with new features and familiarizing yourself with it will allow for effective facilitation and a smooth experience.


Based on Microsoft Teams update on: August 27, 2021


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