59 Differences Between a Live Event and a Meeting

There are many differences between a Meeting and a Live Event in Microsoft Teams.

Some of the differences between the Live Event and Meetings features on Microsoft Teams include:

  • A Live Event can be joined by up to 20,000 people, far greater then the hundreds allowed in an interactive teams meeting.
  • The chat and the attendees mic is disabled in the Live Event.
  • A Live Event has more roles than a meeting. A meeting has a limited number of roles which include Organizer, Presenter and Attendee. Conversely, a Live Event has the following roles:
    •  Organizers: Responsible for the scheduling of the event and assign the permission requirements are made. (public vs private)
    •  Producers: Act as hosts of the live event, can control what the attendee sees displayed.
    •  Presenters: Responsible for presenting the audio or video, as well as moderating the question and answer section.
    •  Attendees: The viewers, do not have any responsibilities other then watching.
  • Some situations where a Live Event can be used include webinars, town halls, and a product launch.
  • Some situations where a Meeting can be used include a team or group meeting, school class, or a consultation.

In conclusion, both tools are very valuable but serve their own distinct roles. We hope this helps you determine which tool will be of best use for you.


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